Samsung Plans To Develop AI-Powered Multi-Device System

Samsung Plans To Develop AI-Powered Multi-Device System

Samsung Plans To Develop AI-Powered Multi-Device System

When AI-powered Device like Google Home is giving easiness in communication and pushing to an era of communication, Samsung Electronics will come with devices powered by AI to connect with each other seamlessly. It makes devices more enjoyable and able to set devices according to our personal requirements and making it relevant.

The South Korean tech giant cames up with this new vision for AI-powered devices and makes an announcement of a new AI center in Montreal Canada.

Gregory Dudek of the McGill University School of Computer Science and an expert in a wide range of AI technologies will be leading this center.

The Executive Vice President of Samsung Research, Seunghwan Cho said “By leveraging the power of AI in Samsung’s products and services, we must focus on creating new values, never seen nor experienced before,” 

“One key element that will move AI to be more widely adopted is multi-device systems — i.e., a variety of AI-enabled device that communicates seamlessly with each other,” quoted by Larry Heck who is a Head of AI Centres for Samsung Research America.

 “The company is uniquely positioned to be a leader in this regard. It’s not just how devices use AI, it’s how they use it together,” added by Hack. 

The newly opened AI center in Montreal is Samsung’s seventh AI research facility to open and it will conduct research in machine learning and robotics enabled multi-modal interactions.

Its other centers, which are located in South Korea, Britain, Russia are adding the efforts in AI field including the development of Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby and also planning to expand it in near future.

Earlier this year, Samsung announced its plans to spread the number of advances AI researchers to a total of about 1000 globally by 2020.

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