Students May Give IIT JEE CAT And Other Exams From Home

Students May Give IIT JEE CAT And Other Exams From Home

Students May Give IIT JEE CAT And Other Exams From Home

Competitive examinations like the IIT-JEE, CAT and other computer-based examinations in India may take a different way altogether in the future. Students are facing lots of stress with these exams, but technology may come handy to supply some comfort to candidates. 

In the upcoming years, it is possible that these computer-based exams could be taken from the anywhere candidates want. The candidates would no longer need to visit the examination center to appear for a computer-based test and simply log-in from their home to participate in the test. 

“In fact, why just home? In future, you can simply at some beach or hills and take computer-based exams IIT-JEE, CAT or Government service exams from your mobile. The technology to facilitate this is possible and provided if authorities want, we can provide the platform for such examinations,” said Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON.

Around 80% of competitive computer-based exams are controlled by using technology solutions provided by TCS iON. This adds academic as well as the service exam.

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Of course, you would not be able to take the next IIT-JEE from your mobile sitting at a beach. But the fact is that the technology possible to allow candidates to take a national level competitive exam like IIT-JEE or CAT from wherever they want. 

Human intervention in computer-based tests is very minimal. Also with the front camera, fingerprint scanner and mics that are now very common in all smartphones, customized exam apps could be created to protect that the candidates cannot spot to unfair means.

“There are already enough checks in place to ensure the integrity of computer-based exams even today, “ Ramaswamy adds.

Taking about the present condition and instances of cheating in online exams, Ramaswamy submits that students do not fall for such scams as it would only land them behind the bars. 

Ramaswamy highlighted on the point that today’s computer-based exams are cheat proof and there is very small human intervention in them.

“The test is designed in such a method that it is impossible to cheat,” he adds. So, the upcoming time you meet a tout who claims he can help you to clear a computer-based exam, don’t fall in the trap. Not just because it is wrong to cheat, but also he or she is simply duping you of your money.

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