This New Sunglass Of Bose Will Now Take And Make Calls

This New Sunglass Of Bose Will Now Take And Make Calls

These New Sunglass Of Bose Will Now Take And Make Calls

The innovating technologies that applied with glass generally don’t give any positive response. Google Glass also fails to give a positive response. However, the companies haven’t stopped to innovate the products.

Take the case of Bose, that has now introduced Bose Frames, a set of sunglass that comes with a speaker and microphones. The pre-order of this AI-based sunglass are already up in the US and will cost at $199 (estimate Rs.15,000).

How Does The Smart Glass Work?

According to a CNET report, Bose has declared that Frames can receive and make calls, stream music, and even work with virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

Fame looks like as your general sunglass. The weight of this sunglass is around 45grams. The frames come with two shapes- wayfarer and slightly roundish frame.

The glass also comes with UV-blocking. And the company also claimed to have a battery life of 12 hours of standby time. 

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The company has revealed their frames for the first time in March this year for the uninitiated. They also plan to launch AR apps in 2019. The Bose frame will be reportedly available from January 2019.

However, this is not the first time that a company makes a pair of sunglass with in-built audio features. The popular brand Oakley had also launched it in 2016 but didn’t really take off. It is imagined that Bose the brand name may the do the trick.

Bose has an offbeat launch spree in 2018. Earlier this year, the company launched Sleepbuds. It is an earphone that helps you sleep better. The price of this Sleepbuds is Rs.22,990. They launched it in September. Obviously, you can not play or stream any music on them. As the name suggests, it is only designed to help people to sleep better.

Coming to the Bose frames, the company must be hoping that it doesn’t mean the fate of Google Glass.  So, now wait and see how customers give respond to it.  

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