This Technology May Solve Parking Problems


The Technology May Solve Parking Problems

Indian born researchers have created several technologies in recent years in the USA. Now an Indian student in the USA has developed a technology that has the potential to solve our daily life parking problem.

This technology can detect parking spot with the help of big data analysis and can save our time and money.

Sai Nikhil Reddy Metupally who is studying at The University Of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) has also won second prize at the 2018 science and technology open house competition for his creation.Sai graduate in Electronics and coomunication engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in pilani.

This technology is based on Big data analytics and deep learning techniques to lead drivers directly to a empty parking spot.

Big data analytics is a complex process of learning and examine a large and varied data sets to logically conclude to a results based on customer preference and market trends.

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“Hence, finding a parking spot as quickly as a person enters the parking lot is essential” he also added. So it needed to find a  way to detect the left spot and to direct the driver to the spot properly. But He wanted to make it cost effective and did not want to use the expensive in the ground sensor which needs time to time maintenance.

” The data show that, On a typical day, there is a high chance that students and faculty members will have difficulty to get a parking spot between 11 AM to 1 PM, leading to the wastage of fuel and time, and adding to the pollution,” he said.

He took the help of Vineetha Menon, an assistant professor of computer science.

As the director of UAH’s Big Data Analytics Lab, Menon helped him with the high-performance computer. Sai able to create the machine learning model which need to analyze robust data provided by the Federal University of Parana in Brazil with the help of the computer.

” The goal of the big data analytics is to establish Big data analytics and data science as mainstream research areas of the university, so it can accommodate the high computational and memory demand of big data generation and processing,” Menon said.

It will be able to display real-time grid layout of open and occupied parking spot using the phone’s GPS which can save a lot of time and money.

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