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Top 10 Tech Myths That Change Your Thoughts About Technology

Technologies are growing day by day. But, people are growing faster than technology. Sometimes we are facing some problems with technology. We always want to fix the problems without knowing how is it worked or how is it build – we just want to fix it. So, it’s natural that we fail to fix it and make some premises in our mind. But most of the premises are false. Here born some tech myths.

Top 10 Tech Myths That Change Your Thoughts About Technology

The world is full of tech myths. Despite countless attempts to kill them, a host of myths persists continuously. Today we are going to introduce the top 10 tech myths that change your thought about technology. We are always facing this tech myth in our daily life. So, let’s start-

Here Is The List of Top Tech Myths:

Google, Facebook, And Whatsapp, etc. Are Free:

We always think that Google, Facebook, and Whatsapp are free. They don’t take any money from us. The companies are very kind-hearted. But, guys, this is not true.

When you use Google, Facebook or Whatsapp, they track your movements. They make a file of your whole attitudes. From this informations, they show your favourite ads and offers when you use some websites or apps. When you click on these ads, they earn money from it.

Don’t Charge Your Phone Until It Dead:

It is a very famous tech myth of all of us about lithium-ion batteries. This is a huge problem for Android users. It is no problem if you charge your phone until it is almost dead. You can charge or discharge your battery at any time.

Leaving Phone Is Charge Must Destroy Battery:

You see that many people charged their battery for overnight long after the battery is fully charged. Everybody thinks that it hurts and affects there phone’s battery life. But there is no proof that overcharging damaged phone’s battery life. But, Modern lithium-long battery is very smartly manufactured. They are capable to stop charging when they have reached their capacity.

Press F5 For Increasing Computer’s Speed:

This is a very popular myth in all of us. This is a very wrong process. When you copy some folder or files and it doesn’t show your computer, then you can refresh your computer. But we continuously enter refresh or F5 to increase our computer speed. This is a very popular myth.

Do Not Use Third-party Chargers To Charge Your Devices:

There are two types of charger on the market. One is a third-party charger and the other is a knockoff charger. A third-party charger is a mobile-compatible charger from reputed companies like Aukey, Belkin and etc.

Knockoff charger does not have a brand name. They said that they are from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc. But their charger is ridiculously low quality and low price. There are causes of gadgets busting. So, avoid them all.

So, there is no problem if you charge your device with a third-party charger. But, I recommend that buy charger directly from the company store.

More Megapixel Means Better Camera:

More Megapixel Means Better Camera tech myths

It is a very big misunderstanding of all of us. We always think that more megapixel means a better camera. But the camera quality is not determined only for a number of pixels. It is determined by focus, sensor, OIS and many other specifications, etc.

So, don’t think that more megapixel means a better camera. It is a very popular myth. Some companies are attracted to their customers by the false megapixels offers and we think that more megapixel means a better camera. So beware of it.

Mac Can’t Get Virus:

Everybody thinks that Macs are safe but windows are always getting a virus. But it is totally wrong. The virus attackers target windows because window users are bigger than Mac users.

Macs are also affected by a virus attack but it is very rare. You can check this wiki article to know about some Mac Virus attack.

Incognito Browsing Protect Your Privacy:

Every browser has an incognito mode. We always think that incognito browsing protects our privacy from a malicious site or another hacking site. It is also a big myth. It only hides our browsing history. If you protect your privacy, then you can use a VPN.

Holding A Magnet Close To Your Hard-disk Or Computer Will Erase Your Data:Holding A Magnet Close To Your Hard-disk Or Computer Will Erase Your Data

This myth is not technically wrong. If you hold a really big magnet to your hard-drive, then your data will be erased. But in the case of a small or average magnet, this trick would not be work.

Better Spaces Means Better Device:

Whenever we are going for buying a new laptop, mobile or another device, we always want a top model or top brand products. It is natural that we spend more money to buy the fastest phone or fastest laptop.

In this time we always think that if a device has more space, then the device is better and perfect for use. It is also a big myth.

A device’s quality depends on many other specifications. So, seeing the above specification is a waste of time.


So, these are the top 10 myths about information technology. Use your knowledge and stand away from that kind of person who gave the wrong technology ideas.

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