Top 8 Google Advanced Search Tricks That’ll Change the Way You Search

Top 8 Google Advanced Search Tricks That’ll Change the Way You Search

Top 8 Google Advanced Search Tricks That'll Change the Way You Search
Top 8 Google Advanced Search Tricks That’ll Change the Way You Search:
Google LLC is a multi-national American technology company. They provide Internet-related services like a search engine, online advertisement publisher, software etc. The most popular service of Google LLC is Google Search Engine. Google Search is commonly known as Google Web Search or Google.

It is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web. It is a searching giant. Google handles more than three billion searches every day. According to market research, Google indexes billions of web pages. So, users can find any answers to any topics. In Google Search Engine, there are billions of indexed sites.

So, this is quite hard to get perfect results in Google Searches. So, Google search provides many different options for customized there searches. I tell you to top 8 tips of Google Search Hacks or google search tips and tricks that make easy your way to search.

  • Type 1:

If you want to get exact search results of an exact word. Then you write “Example” and search for it on Google. Then you can expect search results about this words.

Example: If you want a search result about Apple. Then you type “Apple” and search for it. It gave you all the exact search results about Apple.

  • Type 2:

If you type Example-Example 1 and you search for it. Ir shows the result of Example but Example 1 is out from your search results. This method helps you to make subdivision unnecessary topics from your search results.

Example: You type Mobiles Phone-Nokia and search it. Then you have all the results about Mobiles phones but Nokia is missing from your search results.

  • Type 3:

Google webmaster tools or spiders are always tried to scroll every site in their search engine. So, they provide great features for google searching. You type site: Tech Talks and search it on Google. Then Google shows you all results of Tech Talks in the Example website. This is a very cool method.

Example:  You can type Tech Talk, then you have all the search result about Tech Talk in Techy Feast site.

  • Type 4:

If you want a search result related to a word. Them you can type ~Example and search it. Google shows you all related search results of Example. But you don’t show any results for Example.

Example: You search ~ Nokia, then you get all related result of Nokia. But you don’t get any result about Nokia.

  • Type 5:

If you type a particular answer to a question. Then this process is very useful for you. You type Salary of Google CEO is * and search for it. Then Google shows the result of  *(asterisk). You can use this method for knowing the particular date or year of a historical incident and others. This is called wildcard search.

  • Type 6:

In Google search, you can adjust your search results between years. If you type Example 2009..2011 and search for it then you can get all the search results from 2009 to 2011. This is also a very helpful process.

Example: You type Apple 2010..2016 in Google. Then you get all search results about Apple between 2010 to 2016.

  • Type 7:

Google provides a good feature for file types searches. You can type filetype: pdf Green House on Google then you gave all pdf files of Green House. You can easily find any pdf, ppt etc.files easily by applying this process.

  • Type 8:

If you don’t find some definition then Google helps you to find this. You type define: Example in Google and search it. Then you easily find a good definition of Example.

Example:  You type define: Global Warming and search it on Google. Then you easily find the definition of Global Warming.

So, Tech Lovers change your search style in Google. Apply those above smart features and save your time. If this article is helpful for you, then share this article with your favourite social media account.

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