Top Android Apps Of Google That You May Not Have Known

Top Android Apps Of Google That You May Not Have Known

Top Android Apps Of Google That You May Not Have Known

Google or Google LLC is an American multinational company that provides many technologies services like a search engine, cloud, software, and hardware. you can check this wiki article to know more about Google.

Google Play Store is a digital distribution service. It is operated and developed by Google. It is an official apps store for Android users. There are over 3.5millions apps in the Google Play Store. They also provide some own development apps in the Play Store.

Generally, almost Google apps are pre-installed apps. Like-Voice Search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Play Music, GooglePlay Movie, Google Play Games, Google Play Newsstand, Google Street View, Google Talkback, Google Indic Keyboard Hangouts, Google Photos, Google Chrome, Andriod System Webview, Google Duo, Google, Google+ And Youtube.

We are generally much bitter known about the above apps. But, Instead of the pre-installed app, there are lots of apps that are developed by Google.

In this article, I share a list of Google Apps that are not pre-installed apps on your Android device. But, they are as useful as pre-installed apps.

List Of Google Apps

G Pay

Tez is a new digital payment app from Google. Here you can send money to your
friends, pay bills and money to nearby markets, buy online etc. It is very easy to use and it is very secure also. It also introduces a cash mode option which is an amazing process to send money.

Google Translate

With the help of this app, you can translate your language more than
103 languages. You can use 59 languages when you have offline. So, you can talk easily all over the world.


Snapseed is a cool photo editor apps by Google. It is very professional photo
editor apps. Here you can find many tools, filters etc. to edit your project.

Files Go

Files Go is a file manager app where you can easily clean up space on your
phone, find file faster and you share instantly any files with your friends.

Find My Device

With the help of this app, you can easily locate your lost Android device and keep your information safe.


 It is a food delivery and home service app. You can easily get food delivery from your favourite restaurant and also get home services from local electricians, plumbers, cleaners etc.

Google My Bussiness

This app is the best app to increase and promote your business
through the whole world. Here you can verify your business information, manage customer review and know how customers like your business and increase your business.

Google Fit- Fitness Tracking

If you are looking for a good fitness app then Google Fit is best for you. In Google Fit, you set up your fitness details and it aware and motivates you from time to time.

Google Goggles

Here you can search for something by taking photos. If Google has a database of your photo then they show you valuable information. Google can also read the
photos of text. It is also worked as a QR scanner/barcode scanner.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free service for school, college or non-profit
organization. They can connect their educations or instructions to others. The classroom can save them all documents and create their class.


Mobile Data Saving And WiFi: With the help you this app, you can track,
control, monitor your data usage. You also find and access Wi-Fi network location.

Google Trips And Travel Planner

You can use this app as a personal tour guide. No
internet, don’t worry, it is also worked in offline mode. See your flight, hotels, restaurant, and book in one place.

Youtube Gaming

This is the best app for gamers. Here, you can join the biggest
gaming community and discover gaming related videos and live streams. It is like YouTube but it based on the game.


Create your own Android characters and share with your friends. You can
create your character for you, your friends and anyone. You can save this character as a picture, gifs etc.


Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality tool. You get up close to historical
remark, drive underwater, and outer places. Here, you can get a wild connection of 360° and 3D images and videos.


So, these are top Android apps by Google that you may not have known. Hurry up and download your necessary apps from Play store.

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  1. Wasn’t aware of Areo and expedition. That was something new to me. Will try Areo for sure but can’t try expedition as i have no VR(sad). Great job in listing all.

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