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Top 10 Paid Survey Sites That Pay Good Money

Top 10 Paid Survey Sites That Pay Good Money


Are you looking for some easy tracks to earn money online?

Then I have a fabulous idea for you. You should try paid surveys. Here, you can easily earn money by doing simple surveys. But, there are lots of online paid survey sites. But most of them are fraud and scam.

Hence, I make a list of genuine paid survey sites websites. These websites are really paying decent money. Sometimes they provide valuable prizes like Gift Card. Every website has a different paying value for their surveys. So, you can try these below scam-free paid survey sites.

Here Is The List of Best Paid Survey Sites:

Survey Savvy:

Survey Savvy is a very popular online survey site. It is one of the highest paying survey sites. They started their journey in 1999. They have a member in all over 195 countries. It is a very genuine site. You can freely join this site.

Official Website:
Pay Per Survey: between $1 to $20
Minimum Cashout: $1
Payout Method: Check
Referral Program: $1-$2

Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie is one of the best high paying online survey sites. They make a big online community all over the world. They have crossed 3 million members. It is a very high rated survey site. You can openly sign up to the website.

Official Website:
Pay per survey: Between $1 to $3
Minimum Payout: They pay you when you complete 1000 points that similar to $10.
Payout Method: PayPal Cash, Gift Card

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Swagbucks is a very online survey company. It is quite different from the other website. You can earn money by taking the survey, watching online video, playing the game and etc. They paid over $287 millions in reward. They give out 7000 gift cards every day.

Official Website:
Pay Per Survey: Depending On Surveys.
Payment Methods: Gift Card and PayPal
Minimum Cashout: $1 in a Gift card and $25 in PayPal

Vindale Research:

Vindale Research is a very popular name among the paid survey sites. In fact, their overall Trustpilot rating is 4/5. They paid over $6,955991 already to their customers. You can also earn extra money by watching videos, reading sponsor emails and etc.

Official Website:
Sign Up Bonus: $2
Pay Per Survey: $2 to $14
Payout Methods: Cheek And PayPal
Referral Bonus: $5

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The Panel Station:

The Panel Station is very well know paid online survey website. This is my favorite survey company. Because it gave payout in Paytm. For this reason, they have many Indian customers. The website is available for all countries. You can also use their Android and IOS app.

Official Website:
Pay Per Survey: 100 to 5000 points ( 5000 points = ₹500 )
Payout Methods: Paytm, PayPal, Amazon, Flipkart and etc.
Minimum Payout: 3000 Points

Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars is also very big paid survey site. Trustpilot rating of the website is 4/5. They paid over $57 million to their members. So, you can trust this website. You can earn extra income by watching the video, reading emails, playing the game and etc.

Official Website:
Sign Up Bonus: $5
Minimum payout: $30
Payment Methods: ePayment and check

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YouGov is a very popular and trusted online survey company. It is also a very high rated survey sites all over the world. They have 4 million users all over the world. It provides different types of surveys on a daily basis. They give surveys like- brands, organization, TV programs, political ideas and etc. This is also free to join.

Official Website:
Sign Up Bonus: 2000 points. (1400 points = $1)
Pay Per Survey: 500-1000 points
Payout Methods: Paypal and Gift Card
Referral Bonus: 1000 points

My Survey:

My Survey is a very famous online survey website. It is also a highly rated survey website. They started their business in 2001. They rewarded USD $32 million+ to their worldwide members in 2014. So, you can try this:

Pay Per Survey: Not exact range. Depending on the length of surveys.
Payout Rate: $10
Payout Methods: Cash, Gift Card And Prize

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iPoll is also very famous online survey website. This website is only available in some countries. It is available in the U.S, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil and etc. This is only available for 17 years old people. It is also free to join. You can use their Android and IOS app.

Official Website:
Pay Per Survey: $1 to $5
Payment Methods: Paypal, Amazon Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card
Minimum Cashout: $10 in a gift card and $25 in PayPal

Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards does not give real money. They gave you Google play reward only after completing their surveys. I list it because it is the product of Google.

Official Website: They have no official sites. You can download their app from Play Store. It downloaded over 10 million
Pay Per Survey: $1
Payout Method: Google play credit

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So, this is the top paid survey sites. You can earn decent money from this paid survey sites. I hope you like the article & check those websites at least for one time.

What is your favorite survey site? Let me know in the comment section.

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