Now You Can Track Someone’s Live Location Via Google Maps

Now You Can Track Someone’s Live Location Via Google Maps

Now You Can Track Someone's Live Location Via Google Maps

In India, Google Map has at last finally received the option to share live location and ETA to contacts for someone who is traveling on public transport like train and bus. It means that now you can directly share your live location including with the expected time to arrive with your friends from the Google Map app directly.

Therefore, this update is only for Android users only. It is expected those iPhone users also get this feature soon but there is no official word from Google India.

Google has officially announced this feature in their Twitter handle. “Starting from today, you can share the live location and ETA with your loved once on Google Maps, for bus and their journeys,” said by the company.


This feature is equal to the ‘Live Location’ feature of WhatsApp. 

It is said that the shared contact does not only display the live location but also the exact time of arrival. Users can also share their location with the other apps like Facebook Messanger or Hangout or WhatsApp.

This feature can also help the users to keep track of your family members when they are tracking public transport to reach somewhere.  Last year, WhatsApp launched a similar feature for both iOS and Android users.

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How To Share Live Location On Google Maps App:

After entering the destination when the Navigation begins, scroll down for getting the detailed route. Then, you will see a ‘Share Trip’ option. Tap on the option to share your live location with your contact on Messanger, Hangout or WhatsApp.

Besides, the company is making it easier for you to connect with Bussiness around you by introducing a text message feature in its Maps app. Last year, Google launched a feature that allowed the users to send messages to Bussiness from their Business profile on Google.

The same thing is entered into the Google Maps app. It has been said that the users will start seeing those messages that they had with business inside the Google Maps app and can chatting from their itself. This option is available in the side menu of Google Maps App both iOS and Android users.

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