Very Low MB Games

Free 25 Best Very Low MB Games for Android [2019]

Very Low MB Games

Very Low MB Games: There are some excellent very low MB games in the play store. These games look very small in size but they are very delightful. This game will surely relax your mind and kill your boringness.

Here, I have listed 25 fabulous very low MB games that blow your mind. I have focused on those games which are below 20 MB. So, let’s start-

Here Is The List Of 25 Very Low MB Games:


In the list of very low MB games, Mekorama comes first. It is a magnificent puzzle game. Your mission is to help a tiny Robot who stumbles home via 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas. It is totally free. The game is in the list of Editors’ Choice. You can play this game as long as you like. There is no limitation.

Game Features:

  • Easing Gameplay
  • Diorama Maker
  • Cute Robots
  • Collectible Level Cards
Developer: Martin Magni
Price: Free+

Dr.Driving 2:

Dr.Driving 2 is a marvelous low MB racing game for Android. It is the sequel of the famous game Dr.Driving. You can rule the street with the fastest & most visually astounding driving game. It is very easy to play. This game also is in the list of Editors’ Choice.

Game Features:

  • Super Stunning Graphics
  • Challenging Multi-stage level
  • Real-time online multiplayer
Dr. Driving 2
Dr. Driving 2
Developer: SUD Inc.
Price: Free+

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Modern Sniper:

You experience the tempest tour of the criminal underworld with this game. Modern Sniper is a surpassing shooting game. You act as a modern sniper who fights against dangerous attacks & silent butcher missions. No doubt, it is one of the striking very low MB games for Android.

Game Features:

  • 50+ Crime Shooter Missions
  • Genuine 3D Graphics
  • 6 Unique Maps
  • Charming Locations
  • 7 Various Types of Weapons

Doodle Cricket:

Doodle Cricket is a very lightweight cricket game. This game is powered by Google’s Advance AI Algorithms. You can play the maximum number of cricket shots without any limitations. It comes with impressive gameplay. You can operate this game just by tapping.

Game Features:

  • Dynamic Camera Angles
  • Realistic Physics
  • Challenging AI Opponent
  • Great Ambiance
  • Share Your Score on Social Media
Doodle Cricket
Doodle Cricket
Developer: asissuthar
Price: Free

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Bike Racing 3D:

Bike Racing 3D is a great BMX game that comes with crazy & stunting action. It offers realistic bike physics and fast gameplay. They provide a variety of treacherous tracks for driving. Levels of this game increase from easy to very technical. Race, jump and crash your way to burn the tracks.

Game Features:

  • 60 Tracks in Career Modes
  • Authentic 3D Physics
  • Good Graphics
  • 5 Unique Bikes
Radtourwettbewerb 3D - Bike
Radtourwettbewerb 3D - Bike

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