What Is Two-Steps Verification?

What Is Two-Steps Verification?

What Is Two-Steps Verification?
What Is Two-Steps Verification
If you have a lot of personal and important files in your Gmail, Drive or other Google services, so you are always afraid that hackers should hack your account anytime. Your personal information was exposed anytime. So, this article is very helpful for you. Then you must use Yubico’s U2F security key. This key was supported by Google. Google USB security key introduced to keep out hackers from your accounts.

The team is trying to spread the U2F protocol which the security key uses. With the help of this protocol, the user only requires one USB key for accessing to the various web.

The key has simple kind of 2 steps verification. Even someone knows your password don’t panic because the password won’t be enough to sign in to your Gmail account. When you add 2-step verifications or two-factor authentication, you add an extra layer of security to your Gmail account.

How Do You Setup 2 Step Verification?

It is very easy to set up your security key with your Gmail accounts. It requires two steps only-

  • Enter your username and password for signing your Gmail account.


  • Once you’re a finished the first step, you go to the 2-Step Verification settings page. Then you review your settings and you can add multiple verification methods. You can also have the option of using a Security Key for 2-steps verification. Then you insert your security key into a USB  port on your computer.

There are two types of security keys-

                    A.If your security key has a light-

After inserting you should see a blinking light. Then tap your finger on the blinking light and your verification process is complete.

 B.If your security key doesn’t have a button-

The security key turns off after each use. Please insert and reuse your security key each time when you need to use it.

So, the process of using two steps versification is very easy. I recommended adding a recovery email for future uses.

The Recruitments Of Security Keys:

A. For A Computer:

A computer must be updated with the new version of Chrome. A Security Key that plugs into a USB port and works with FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).

B. A Phone:

The security key works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)  that depends on what kind of phone you use.

How You Get a Security Key:

You can buy this 2 steps verification keys from any online store. Its price is near ₹2000 (In Indian rupees)

Supported Online Services:

Google, Dropbox, GitHub, Git Lab, Bitbucket, Next loud, Facebook and others.

How Do You Turn Off Two-Step Verification?

Two-Factor Authentication or verification may be benefited for some users to protect and secure their device or data. But some people face hassle from this two steps verification and they want to disable this. The turn off two steps verification process is also very simple-

1. Go to ‘Sign in & security’ section of My Account and select 2-steps verification.

2. Sign in with your Gmail and password. A verification code asked for a sign in process. Then turn to 2 steps verification.

3. A pop-up will be opened to confirm to stop your two-steps verification.

So Tech Lovers, I think you know about ‘what is two-steps verification‘. Two-steps verification is a good feature to secure your account. Don’t forget to share this article in your favourite social media account.

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