WhatsApp To Gets This Instagram-Like Feature Soon

WhatsApp To Gets This Instagram-Like Feature Soon

WhatsApp To Gets This Instragram-Like Feature Soon

WhatsApp is reportedly said that they add an Instagram-like feature in Whatsapp that will help the user to add contact easily.

WhatsApp is looking ahead to introduce a feature called “Share Contact info via QR”. It will allow users to add new contact easily by scanning a QR code of the person.

This feature is just like the Nametag feature on Instagram. A Nametag is a special image like a QR code that people can scan easily and instantly go to your Instagram page and follow you. 

WhatsApp will make a unique QR code for every user that they can show it to the other person to become added to their contact list. 

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According to WaBetaInfo, the QR code will automatically start WhatsApp to add all fields in the contact form and will automatically save it to contact app.

WhatsApp also recently added a new feature that is called Sticker. It allows the users to send stickers existing GIFs and emojis. This feature is also available for both Android and iOS devices.

Android users can download third-party sticker apps from Play store and use it in their WhatsApp. Not just this, Android WhatsApp user can also make their own custom stickers. It is a very cool feature.

Check Out The Video To Create Your Own Image Sticker: 

However, WhatsApp also announced that WhatsApp backup files will no longer count toward the Drive storage quota. WhatsApp announced this in August but it will start reflecting now on your Google Drive Storage.

It is a great relief for WhatsApp users, as Google will now offer free storage on Google Drive for WhatsApp backup files. However, WhatsApp will automatically remove users’ data in case the same has not been backed up on Google Drive manually in the last one year. 

In case you are using WhatsApp on a particular phone for some time and if you have not backup your files for over a year, then all files that have not been back up on Drive will automatically be deleted. 

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