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Top 10 Best Free WWE Games For Android [2020]

wwe game for android

Best WWE Game for Android: WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the most entertaining shows in the world. And it becomes more popular day by day.

This article is gold for those who are great fond of WWE. Because in this article I have listed 10 best WWE games for Android that blow your mind and complete your all expectations. I hope you read the article till the end.

Here Are The Best WWE Android Games

WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem is the top and best WWE game for android. The game is also marked by Editors’ Choice. Here you play the epic matches between the WWE legends & superstar.

You can play as a The Rock, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and all your favorite WWE superstars. Each WWE legends & superstars are real for their overall spectacle and atmosphere.

This game also provides the features of multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends in events and versus mode.

Game Features: 

  • 6 Distinctive Superstars
  • Classes Tag Team and Weekly Events
  • Reward & Bounties
  • Full of thrill and excitement
  • Great Physics & Stunning graphics.

WWE Champions

Champions 2019 is another best WWE game for Android that you must try. WWE Champions 2019 comes with some new features like PvP Showdowns, Realistic graphics & awesome ring action.

Here you can battle with hundreds of the newest superstars & legends. You can also wrestle worldwide in men, women & mixed tournaments.

Game Features: 

  • New PvP Showdowns
  • New WWE Superstars & 100+ all-time great legends
  • WWE role-playing game action
  • WWE contests and events
  • VIP membership subscriptions

Wrestling Revolution

It is one of the best WWE 3d wrestling games for android. It now features both aspects of the business in one epic universe.

The game provides two types of careers. A wrestling career challenges you to take shot in the ring and on the other hand booking career allows you to call the shots backstage. Both modes are free. You can also enjoy the ‘Pro’ for no ads or limitations.

The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle is another type of wrestling game that reminds you of the pool, marbles or pinball but with an RPG Twist. I am sure that you never play a wrestling game like this.

Collect the unique states and abilities of your heroes to build the perfect team for each match and the battle.

This is a very addictive WWE game free download for mobile. The control of this game is very simple. You can control the game by flicking your finger.

Game Features: 

  • Real-time PvP League
  • Easy Gameplay
  • Build your Roster
  • Single-player campaign
  • Wrestling Drama

Rowdy Wrestling

It is another best WWE game for Android. It is a wild wrestling action game. This game provides excellent stunts in the ring like use dropkicks, steel chair, overhand smashes and more.

Game Features: 

  • Rumble mode, solo career or Tag team mode
  • 55 superhero characters
  • East to play
  • Awesome graphics
Rowdy Wrestling
Rowdy Wrestling
Developer: Brad Erkkila
Price: Free


Prizefighters is a retro-inspired arcade boxing simulator with online PvP and career mode.

Become a great champion by gaining the rank in Career mode. You also unlock new skills and stat by earning coins. The game is fully customizable. You can customize your appearance, ring, and even opponents.

Game Features: 

  • Fight in weekly tournaments
  • Interact with social features
  • Multiple arcade modes
  • Different control options
  • Cloud saves
Developer: Koality Game
Price: Free+

WWE Super Card

It is a card-based battle game featuring your favorite wrestling mania superstars. Collect the cards of thousands of superstars like AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar and more and level up.

Play the PvP fighting game and climb the leader boards. Prove your wrestling power by playing open challenges and competing Head-to-Head with other WWE fans.

Game Features: 

  • Cards featuring WWE superstars & Legends, NXT Superstars & WWE Hall of Fame
  • Inductees Compete Royal Rumble matches
  • Elimination Chamber & King of the Ring to climb the leader board & earn top cards

Real Wrestling 3D

Real Wrestling is a 3D based wrestling game involved with grappling techniques. It outs the power and raw emotion of wrestling in your palm. They provide many types of techniques like clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks and many other stunts.

Wrestling Games

This game comes with some authentic moves like Chokeslam, Dropkick, Suplex, Tombstone Pile Driver and etc. They provide professional cage matches with top wrestlers from the world.

Game features: 

  • Mix up the rules
  • Unlimited customization
  • Realistic simulation
  • Greatest grappling action

Wrestling Mania

Wrestling Mania offers multiple fighting experiences to wrestling mania fans in this realistic game.  Here you can play in your own way to the top by cheating & playing dirty. This game provides authentic moves like chair shot, suplex, tombstone & pile driver.

Game Features: 

  • Real-world wrestlers & boxers battle
  • Professional cage matches with top wrestlers
  • Greatest Wrestling action
  • Mix up the Wrestling rules
  • Unlimited customization
  • Realistic physics


So, these are the 10 best free wwe games on Android that you must try. All these games are very popular. I think they can fulfill your all satisfactions. 

What is the favourite WWE game? Let me know in the comment below.

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