Xiaomi Ready To Launch Amazon Kindle Like E-Reader

Xiaomi Ready To Launch Amazon Kindle Like E-Reader

Xiaomi Ready To Launch Amazon Kindle Like E-Reader

Chinese electronics tech giant Xiaomi has a large investor of products ranging from TVs, Smartphones and even toothbrushes.

Recently, one popular product category that it has perhaps missed to become a competitor of Amazon Kindle. It reveals that Xiaomi was working on an e-reader like Amazon Kindle. A prototype of a Xiaomi e-reader was reported to ready last year.

According to three Xiaomi engineers, the company apparently skipped it and did not target much on it because the company was looking to compete aggressively in the smartphone home space.

There is no official report from Xiaomi when they actually launch it. It is said that Xiaomi can actually launch one in the future if they want to. Though, it would be interesting to find the eco-system and content that the company builds around it.

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Although, Xiaomi recently took over another Chinese smartphone brand that is Meitu. The new handsets will lunch with the Meitu brands, but the development and research, business operation, production, sales, and marketing are wholly controlled by Xiaomi. On the other side, Meitu will handle the image related technology and algorithms of these new handsets.

The upcoming handset od Meithu will come with a triple camera setup on the front. So, this has become very popular smartphones for selfie-lovers. As per listing, this triple camera smartphone will be of 12 MP, 20MP and 8MP. There are no more details about the sensors, but it comes with the standard front-facing camera and a wide angle shooter with bokeh effect. On the back side, you are going to see a dual camera setup of 12MP and 8MP sensors. 

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