How to Password Protect a Word Document

 Add password protection to your Microsoft Word documents to secure their contents. By doing this, each time the document is opened, the user is prompted to enter the password. We'll demonstrate how to accomplish it utilizing a Word function.

Later, you can also unprotect the document to remove the password. Immediately, here's how to create a password in a word document

Encrypt a Word Document With a Password

To create a password in your Word document, please open your document in Microsoft Word on your computer.

To do that, in Word’s top-left corner, click “File.”

Find and select the info menu.

Click Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.

Type the password you want to use to protect your document. Then, click “OK.”

Confirm by reenter password you created earlier.

Save your changes by clicking “Save” in Word's left sidebar.

Your Word document is now password-protected, and any attempt to open it will result in a password entry prompt.

You may easily get rid of the password if you want to. With Microsoft Word open, select File > Info > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password. Make sure the "Password" field is empty, then click "OK." Select "Save" from the left sidebar and follow that.

And in doing so, you can be sure that the only people who can access your sensitive Word documents are you and the designated users.

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