How to Remove Blank Rows in Excel

Want to get rid of every empty entry in your dataset? If so, you may remove the blank rows and move your data forward using either the automated or manual techniques provided by Microsoft Excel. Here is how to apply those methods.

Excel moves your data forward and deletes the entire blank row when you remove one, eliminating the empty line from your dataset. Keep in mind that rows may also be easily hidden.

Manually Delete Blank Rows in Excel

You have the choice to manually clear the empty rows if you don't have a big dataset and prefer that method.

Click the row number to the very left of the blank row in your Excel worksheet that you wish to erase. This picks out the whole row.

Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) on your keyboard as you click the row numbers to add more rows to your selection.

Right-click any blank row's number while your rows are highlighted, then select "Delete" from the menu. 

Automatically Delete All Empty Rows in Excel

Excel has a way that automatically locates and removes all of the blank rows from your spreadsheet. This saves you the time and effort of manually locating and selecting the empty rows that you want to eliminate from a huge collection.

Launch Microsoft Excel and your spreadsheet before using this procedure. Next, choose the dataset from which you wish to identify and eliminate empty rows.

While your dataset is highlighted, in Excel’s ribbon at the top, select the “Home” tab.

Pick Find & Select > Go To Special from the "Editing" portion of the "Home" menu.

It will display a "Go To Special" window. Select "OK" at the bottom after turning on the "Blanks" option.

Your chosen dataset's blank rows are all now highlighted.

Select Delete > Delete Sheet Rows in the "Cells" area at the top to get rid of your empty rows.

Your empty rows have been deleted, and Excel has pushed your data higher.

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