How to See the Most Used Apps on Android

 Now Smartphone has become one of the electronic goods that must be owned by someone. Even in today's era, who can live without a cell phone. Surely you are also very dependent on the cellphone itself. Yes, this is also not wrong, considering that smartphones can help us socialize, work, and even make money.

Smartphone that has many users is Android. Considering that many cellphone brands use the Android operating system, starting from Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Asus, and many other cellphone brands.

What makes Android widely used by smartphone brands is also because of its advantages such as open source, system updates, free Google storage, multitasking and many more, of course.

Well, one of the interesting new features is also coming to Android Pie. Where users can see applications that are frequently used along with the time they are used, so that in the future they can manage time better when using an Android phone.

Isn't it interesting enough with this feature, here's how to see the most used apps on Android.

How to See the Most Used Apps on Android

If you use Android, you can most likely use this feature. Because this feature has been around since Android Pie. You can check in the settings first to see what Android OS is used. If your Android OS uses Android Pie and above, you can use this feature. Immediately, here's how to see the most used Apps on Android.

  • Please open the settings on your Android
  • Scroll down and select “Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.”
  • Now it will come out when you use the Android. There are different colors that show the applications that you use frequently.
  • To see more clearly, please select a color, so you will be able to see many things, starting from how often you open it, how many notifications you have, and when you use the application.

How to See the Most Used Apps on Android (

The point is that the feature for viewing frequently used applications is only available on the Android Pie OS and above. With this feature, it is hoped that you can manage the use of an Android smartphone. In addition, with this feature, parents can see and control their child's cell phone use.

That's how to see the most used apps on Android that can be provided by Bela. If you have questions, please write in the comments column, OK? Good luck!

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