How to Create a 1 Minute Video on Instagram Story

 Apart from Tiktok or YouTube, Instagram is an application that can increase engagement for you. Lots of influencers are born thanks to the content created on Instagram.

In the Instagram application, you can create content in the form of photos or videos. You can share your work through the post, real, or Instagram Story features. Even though you can do it live in this application, you must not overlook these three features.

How to upload an Instagram story for 1 minute

Why is Instagram Story one of the mandatory features used to increase engagement? Isn't it only 24 hours on Instagram Stories? Yes, even though the broadcast time on Instagram stories is relatively short, the layout of the Instastory feature is at the top when opening the application (the timeline). So this feature is very strategic, and it would be a shame if you left it.

But apart from having a weakness in broadcast time, it turns out that Instagram Story also has another weakness, namely the problem of limited duration. As we all know, initially this story feature could only share videos with a duration of 15 seconds.

But are you aware that in the latest update on Instagram, this feature, which goes by the name Snapgram, has been able to create stories with a duration of 1 minute? This increase in duration is actually not surprising, considering that the duration of this 1-minute Instagram story has been leaked among social media observers.

However, until Bella wrote this article, it turned out that not all IG users got the 1-minute story feature. So many people are confused about why they can't make a 1-minute Instagram story. The only solution is to be patient.Instagram also shares this feature randomly.

But there's nothing wrong if you try to make an Instagram story with a duration of 1 minute. Immediately, here's how to make a 1-minute Instagram Story on Android or iOS.

  • Open the Instagram application on your cellphone.
  • After successfully opening the IG timeline, you press the + logo in the upper right corner.
  • Instagram Stories: How to Use Them1 minute.
  • You change to the story menu and select the hands-free menu.
  • After that, now you can create an Instagram story with a duration of 1 minute.
  • Instagram Stories: How to Use Them1 minute.

After you have successfully created the story content, you can see the video in the story feature menu. Of course, the story is one minute long without being cut into pieces. But if you make a story longer than 1 minute, then the story you created will be cut and divided into two.

Creating an Instagram Story by using the hands-free mode can be considered quite helpful. Because using this feature eliminates the need to hold down the record video button.

Using this feature makes the stories you create four times longer than before. So you can make content much longer and share it on Instagram stories.

Actually, there are lots of tips and tricks for maximizing features in this Instagram application, such as how to make IG feeds connected, make aesthetic stories, and many more, of course.

That's how to make an Instagram story with a duration of 1 minute. If you have questions, please write them in the comments column. Good luck.

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