How to Unprivate Your Twitter Account

 In the current era there are 3 social media that have many active users. The three social media are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Two of the three social media are under Facebook, which has now changed its name to meta.

Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter already have a feature to private their users' social media accounts. Doing private accounts on social media is actually quite reasonable. Bearing in mind that everyone has their own privacy. By privateing a social media account, you limit who can find out about your activities on that social media.

Twitter also has a large number of users. Since this article was published, Twitter users in Indonesia have reached 10.6 million users. In fact, not infrequently the topics that are trending on Twitter can affect the situation in reality. Because of this, it's not wrong if you want to make your account private. But have you ever wanted to unprivate your Twitter account? Like when you are on a job test, but it is mandatory for test takers not to lock their social media accounts. Moreover, it's quite natural if you forget how to do it due to having private your social media accounts for quite a while.

Here's how to unprivate a Twitter account on Android, iOS or even the web version. Because basically this method can be practiced on all devices.

How to Unprivate Your Twitter Account

Actually, how to unprivate a Twitter account is almost the same as how to private a Twitter account. However, maybe you have forgotten how, so instead of this article, we will discuss how to unprivate a Twitter account. Immediately, we try to unprivate twitter account.

1. Click the Profile icon in the top corner of any Twitter page and select Settings on the drop-down menu to load your Settings panel.

2. Click the Security and Privacy tab on the left of the screen.

3. Click Audience and tagging.

4. Unprivate your twitter account by deactivating Protect your Tweets.

Now your Twitter account is automatically unlocked. If you want to make your account private again, you can repeat this method.

how about now your twitter account is not private. Maybe that's all I can discuss about how to unprivate a Twitter account. If you have questions, please write in the comments column. Good luck!

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