How to Add A Subdomain on Blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular service for blog articles these days, and it’s not uncommon if people want fancy things such as subdomain for their blogger websites. And if you want one for yourself, then don’t worry because at the end of this how to add a subdomain on blogger guide, you’ll be having your own subdomain on your blogger.

Before we start the how to add a subdomain on Blogger guide, it’s necessary to mention that you should have a domain and cPanel first before attempting these steps. You can’t make a domain out of nothing, after all. There should be things for the subdomain to be based on.

And now, that we’re all set and ready to go, let’s start!

1. Login to your web hosting of your choice

The first step on how to add a subdomain on blogger is to of course logging in to your web host’s cPanel of choice

2. Choose manage hosting

Find something that resembles manage hosting on your Services tab

3. Choose the Subdomains option

On your cPanel dashboard, look for an option that’s called as Subdomains

4. Create the subdomain that you will be using for your Blogger.

After clicking the button, you will be taken to a page where you create your own subdomain, as well as the main domain where it derives from. 

Create the subdomain that you want to use later for your Blogspot as well as the main domain address of where it comes from.

5. Login to your Blogger

After everything is done and you receive a successful message, go to your Blogger dashboard to start the actual how to add a subdomain on Blogger guide.

6. Add Custom Domain

On your dashboard, go to the Settings tab and choose Custom domain under the Publishing menu to start attempting adding your own subdomain.

After clicking it, you will then be prompted with a form where you can input your subdomain that you made in cPanel earlier. Fill it accordingly and then choose Save.

A warning message written in red text will show up after you click it, but don’t worry, copy the “Name:” and “Destination:” part of the message and make sure that you save it for later to use to add CNAME records.

7. Adding CNAME Record on your cPanel.

After receiving the message earlier, go back to your cPanel and search for Zone Editor. There you’ll find all of your domains listed below and choose Manage on the one that you’re going to be using.

Fill out the forms below with the Names and Records that you just received earlier. Don’t forget to choose CNAME for the Type column.

8. Add subdomain on Blogger

After adding the two CNAMES that Google provided you earlier, go back to where we left off and add the domain again. Everything should work properly now.

9. Done!

And that’s it! Your subdomain will be listed under custom main, and don’t forget to turn on the redirect domain toggle to make sure everything works properly.

What do you think? Easy right? That’s all for this article on how to add a subdomain on Blogger from us, thank you for reading this far, and we hope you find what’s written useful for your endeavors See you later!

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