How to Create a Poll in Whatsapp Group

 WhatsApp is a free social media application where users can exchange messages or make calls as long as they are connected to the internet. Even with the features offered, WhatsApp can shift SMS and telephone features that existed before the internet was widely used.

Actually there are quite a lot of messenger applications such as line, telegram, wechat and so on. But WhatsApp is able to compete with these applications. Not without reason, because WhatsApp is able to present the features that seem needed. Therefore, WA has a simpler interface and is easier for all people to use.

The latest WhatsApp released a feature where you and other group members can poll to find the most votes. How to Create a Poll in WA is also quite easy so anyone can do it.

The addition of features to Whastapp is not surprising, considering that this application always updates its features for the convenience of its users. Moreover, WA also rarely experiences interference. Because of this, many people use WhatsApp for personal or business needs. So that in this era it is quite rare to find people who don't have a WA account.

WhatsApp poll feature

Whatsapp was originally just a message sharing application. But gradually this WA application updates existing features such as adding a sticker feature, with this feature making chat messages more exciting because it can express a text.

Then WhatsApp released a feature that wasn't just for sharing messages, it released a voice note and video call feature. With this feature, its users can send voice and make video calls, and since it was acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has added another feature, namely the story feature.

After a long time WA didn't make any significant updates, WhatsApp recently released a poll feature. Where users can poll in WhatsApp groups. The polling feature on WA is expected to make it easier for users to make decisions that involve many people.

However, if you can compare the polling feature on WhatsApp, it is a bit late when compared to other competitors. Considering that this poll feature already exists on Telegram first. Even though the polling feature is not very new, it still confuses its users.

How to Create a Poll in a WA Group Using Built-In Features

As we discussed earlier, the WhatsApp application has a new feature called the polling feature. So with the WA application, you can immediately conduct polls or polls in your WA group. Of course the WhatsApp application must be up to date.

Here's how to create a poll on WA Android or Iphone:

  • Open your WhatsApp application. Make sure the application is the latest version.
  • Find and open the WA group that you want to make a poll in the chat.
  • In a WhatsApp group, tap the plus or paper clip button next to the text box and tap poll
  • Type the question you want answering and enter the response options in the Options boxes.
  • When you're ready, tap Send.

The poll you created is already in the group as a message. However, other users can select the preferred option and the percentage of the number of polls immediately appears. That way, it will be seen which option has the most votes.

Here's how to create a poll on WA Web:

  • Open Wa web on your laptop or you can click here.
  • Find and open the WA group that you want to make a poll in the chat.
  • Tap the plus or paper clip button next to the text box and tap poll.
  • Tap the poll icon and create a question with answer options.
  • When finished making the vote, please click send to send it.

How to Create a Poll in a WA Group Using PollTime

Besides you can make polls directly from the WA application, you can also use help from a third-party website called PollTime. Immediately, here's how to vote on WhatsApp using the PollTime website.

  • Open your browser and type
  • Create questions and answers in the columns provided.
  • If so, please create a poll. Then you will see the link that you will share.

This method has the disadvantage that it is not uncommon for online polls to change their website address. So if we may suggest, it would be nice for you to use the first method to vote in the WA group.

That's how to poll on wa along with other information that can help you in the polling process in groups. If you are still confused, don't be shy to ask in the comments column. good luck

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