How to Enable NFC on the iPhone 11

 One of the features that many people look for when they want to buy a cell phone is the NFC feature. How could I not? With this feature, you can check and add balances with cards that have NFC. Especially now that toll payments must also be made with an e-toll card that includes an NFC chip.

If you quote from the site, "close range communication," often referred to as "NFC," is a system that can connect two electronic devices that are very close and only 4 centimeters (cm) apart. Even though it looks like NFC has just been used, this feature has actually been in development since the late 1990s or early 2000s.

NFC feature illustration (

Almost all cellphones now have the NFC feature, including the iPhone 11. Even though it was released in 2019, this cellphone already supports this feature. NFC on the iPhone 11 is pretty much liked by iPhone users because, with this feature, they can top up their e-money easily. Actually, the function of the NFC feature is not only limited to checking and adding e-money balances; you can also use the NFC feature on this iPhone for other purposes.

However, it's a shame that many iPhone users don't know how to activate NFC themselves. It is evident that when you enter this article, you must be confused about how to activate this feature yourself.

Apple does not require certain verifications, such as entering a password or pin, to activate NFC on the iPhone 11 or other new iPhones.So you can immediately set the NFC feature to be active on your iPhone. But keep in mind that this feature can only be used in applications that support NFC.

There are two types of NFC: passive NFC and active NFC.where passive NFC devices have an NFC chip in them. However, this chip is only capable of sending information to other devices; it cannot process information sent from other devices. Usually, this NFC is in the form of advertisements plastered on the walls of urban buildings.

Meanwhile, active NFC devices are capable of receiving, processing information, and communicating with other devices that have NFC. You can find these devices on your phone that support the NFC feature. Besides that. E-money cards are also called active NFC.

NFC function

Before discussing how to activate it, it would be nice for you to understand the function of the NFC itself. Because there are still many who think NFC on the iPhone is only limited to checking and adding money balances.

As one of the built-in features on the iPhone 11, you can use NFC for transactional, communication, and entertainment purposes. Here are the NFC functions you can use on your iPhone 11.

Examine your Emoney Balance

Indeed, your guess is correct; one of the NFC functions on the iPhone 11 is to check and fill in the balance of electronic money cards that have an NFC chip embedded.

With NFC on the Iphone 11, it will make it easier for you to make transactions using electronic money, MRT, and commuter rail. Therefore, you don't have to bother going to the convenience store just to check and top up your e-money balance.

Connect Two Devices

Another function of NFC is that you can pair two gadgets to exchange data. But keep in mind that the gadgets that you can pair here are printers, DSLR cameras, audio, and other electronic devices that have NFC features.

Smarthome Gadget Command

Apple HomeKit, which is a smart home app and device made by Apple, supports NFC. With the NFC feature on the iPhone 11, it will be easier for you to control smart home devices.

How to Enable NFC on the New iPhone 11 or Iphone

The NFC on the iPhone 11 is located on the back of the body. While you can also stick an NFC card on the iPhone screen, it's more convenient to stick it on the back of the phone. In addition, unlike Android, the iPhone 11 lacks an NFC option.

With this NFC feature, you can also make payments and store credit or debit cards. Where the credit or debit card that you have will be connected to the wallet on digital iOS. Here's how to activate NFC on the iPhone 11 or Where your credit or debit card will be linked to the wallet on digital iOS.her new iPhone right now:

  • Open the settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Find and select the control center option.
  • Scroll down and look for the NFC TagReader menu.
  • Swipe right to enable NFC on your iPhone.
  • Then NFC on your iPhone 11 is activated automatically.
If you don't find the Tagreader NFC menu, it means that NFC on your iPhone is already active. Because most iPhones don't have a menu to activate this NFC, So you just have to open the NFC application according to your needs.
That's how to enable NFC on the iPhone 11. We hope this article was useful. good luck

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