How to Clone App in Oppo

 The feature for duplicating applications turns out to be widely used by smartphone users, both to duplicate social media applications and other applications. This feature makes it easy for users to be able to use one cellphone to use two or more applications at the same time.

The number of enthusiasts of the duplicate application feature can be seen from the large number of multiple application downloads available on the Google Play Store. In fact, there are numerous other third-party apps available on the Google Playstore.

But for you Oppo users, you have to be happy because OPPO has presented an app cloning feature for its mobile phones. This feature makes it easy for users to duplicate applications on their cellphones.

We are all aware that we cannot install two apps on our phones at the same time.To solve this problem, most people will use several third-party applications so they can install and run two instances of the same application.

Maybe it's because of this that Oppo has added a built-in feature to be able to duplicate applications on its newest Oppo cellphone. By taking advantage of this built-in feature, you will be able to clone applications more quickly and safely. Because you don't need help from third-party applications whose security is not necessarily tested.

It is fairly simple and quick to activate dual applications on Oppo. For more details, you can follow the following steps:

How to Duplicate Applications on Oppo

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Oppo phone.
  • Find and open the Applications menu option.
  • Once open, please select the "App Cloner" option.
  • After that, please select the application that you want to duplicate, which can be Facebook, Messenger, or WA.
  • After that, slide the button to the active or on position.
  • After that, please enter the main menu, because the application has been successfully duplicated.


If, for example, you duplicate the WA application on Oppo, then you will find two WA applications with different names. Whereas for your main WA, it will still be called Whatsapp, and for the WA you clone, it will be named Whatsapp (Clone).

If you open the original WA application, you will not find any difference. Messages or other data on the main server will still be there. However, if you open WA (the clone), you must log in or register for a Whatsapp account.

This Oppo default application has a slight weakness, namely that it cannot duplicate all the applications on your Oppo cellphone. However, almost all social media applications can be cloned, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, and many more, of course.

That's how to duplicate applications on Oppo using default features that you can try. If you have questions, don't be shy about writing them in the comments column. Good luck.

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