How to Turn On An Android Phone Without Power Button

 If you’re searching for an article on How to Turn On An Android Phone Without Power Button, then chances are you’re in a situation where your phone is bricked, and your power is button is also broken for some reasons. This may seem hopeless at first, but don’t worry, there are couple of things you can do to revive your phone back to life.

Use a toothpick

The first way on how to turn on an android phone without power button is to use your toothpicks, or other small needle-like implements. Do keep in mind that while most android phones have this small button hidden inside the phone that you can use to turn it on, some don’t. 

But if yours happen to be one of those that can be fixed like this, just look for a small hole, usually at the bottom of the phone near the charging port, and then poke the button inside it with your toothpick or other implements. Your phone will then boot up after you successfully pressed it.

Use a third party software

If your android power button isn’t broken and you just want to preserve it for as long as possible, then this second way on how to turn on an android phone without power button will greatly help you.

There’s an app called Volume Power that remaps the Power function to your volume button. The steps are very simple to, you just need to turn install it and then turn the app on. Just make sure to check Boot and Screen of checkbox in the app’s Settings to make sure everything works properly.

Use your computer

The third way on how to turn on an android phone without power button is a little bit tricky because this trick is mainly used by people who truly knows what they’re doing, and are needing the debugging tools that are packaged with the Android ADB Driver.

To even start attempting this particular how to, you need to have an Android ADB Driver installed on your computer. You install it just like any other driver, but that being said, if you don’t know how to install one in the first place, try looking at another article of ours on how to install Windows driver.

This way is also only applicable if your phone can reach the fastboot mode without pressing your power button. If it can, great, you may continue. But if not, you may need to look the other way.

Continuing with the yes scenario, put your phone in a Fastboot mode, plug it in into your PC, and then open Command Prompt.

Write adb devices to see if your phone is truly connected or not. If the answer if yes, you can proceed to use the command fastboot restart to reboot your phone in its normal working state. If not, make sure that you have Android Debugging turned on in your phone first and foremost.

And that’s it, that’s all we can for the how to turn on an android phone without power button tutorial. As you can see, your options aren’t that many, but they’re still viable options to use when you have no other choices left. 

Another way that you can use if all else fails is to use the “test point” in your phone, although we don’t recommend it because it’s a bit too technical.

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